Daycare Mission Statement

cropped-logo.pngOur Daycare is here to give you peace of mind while you are at work, knowing that your child is safe and loved.  We will do this for you based on the following rules of  Itsy Bitsy Scholars for your child:

  • Your child’s comfort is our first priority
  • The environment will be clean
  • We will provide an age appropriate learning environment for your child. We will read, promote counting, reciting the alphabet, coloring, drawing, music and free play. Your child will never be forced to do anything that he/she does not want to do, but they will be encouraged to participate. Everything should be fun and exciting at this age.
  •  We will allow each child his/her space and promote every child’s ability to learn, play and to be
  • We do not take infants anywhere! Toddlers may be taken in a stroller to the store or for a walk around the neighborhood with your permission.

Daycare Program