About Us

Stacey Masetti

Certified Preschool Teacher, Itsy Bitsy Scholars
B.A.  Child and Adolescent Development, SFSU
A.A. Early Childhood Education
CPR Certified

Her work experience has always involved the care and education of children since 1984:

2004 – Present      Certified Preschool Teacher and Cofounder of Itsy Bitsy Scholars

1995 – 2000            Founder and owner of Stacey’s Place Family Daycare

1988 – 1992           Cofounder and care provider for Nana’s House Daycare

Prior to 1988:

  • Care provider at Redwood City Parks and Recreation for after school care
  • Leader at the South San Francisco Park and Recreation Center for preschoolers
  • Montesorri preschool aide


Stacey is the eldest of six children and often helped her mother care for her siblings. She knew immediately that childcare was her calling and started working with children as early as high school. With the birth of her first child, she and her mother, Rosalee, opened their first family daycare center in Redwood City. Nana’s House was a wildly successful daycare that often had long waiting lists due its down to earth philosophy.

In 1995, Stacey and her family moved, so she and her mother down-sized and began their own small family daycares. At this time, Stacey focused on homeschooling her own three children.

In 2004, she and her mother rejoined forces to open Itsy Bitsy Scholars Preschool and Family Daycare Center.With all her kids in high school, Stacey returned to college to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in 2005. In 2006, Itsy Bitsy Scholars became one of the first family daycare centers to become accredited in San Mateo County.

Stacey is a proud grandmother of 5.

Rosalee Cavanaugh

Owner, Itsy Bitsy Scholars
CPR Certified

Rosalee with her children and grandchildren in 2005

Rosalee with her mother, children and grandchildren in 2005.


Born and raised in San Francisco, Rosalee is one of seven children. She moved to Redwood City with her six children in 1986. In 1988, Rosalee  opened  her first daycare with her daughter, Stacey.  Over the next seven years, “Nana’s House” raised and loved approximately 75 infants and toddlers! In 1995, Rosalee closed her doors officially to focus on her own loveable grandchildren and her children who still remained at home. Nine years later, she and Stacey once again opened their doors as Itsy Bitsy Scholars. In 2006, Rosalee completed over 100 hours of childcare training with 4Cs, which made it possible for the daycare to be one of the first five family daycares to become accredited in San Mateo County.

Rosalee is CPR certified and continues her ongoing education in Early Childhood Development with the 4 C’s of San Mateo County. She is also a member of NAFCC. She successfully home schooled four of her six children from 5th through 12th grade and therefore has countless experiences with children and their learning development.

She has six children, 16 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Because of her big family upbringing, a good day is a day spent with children.