Our Facilities

Our family daycare is fortunate to have several rooms and a fabulously large front yard dedicated solely to our scholars.

Our playroom includes our circle time place, a library corner, a dress up station, along with several forms of building blocks, pretend play objects and general toys. Some items change with our themed monthly curriculum including manipulatives and other interactive toys, to keep the playtime fresh and fun for your children.

All meals and snacks are made in the kitchen and the children eat at the table like a family. Generally, each child sits in the same seat or high chair with the same color dish and plate for consistency and cleanliness.

Our craft time projects happen at the same table — it’s the place where all messes happen!

The Three Bedrooms are for the Itsy Bitsy Infants, so they can get their sleep in privacy.

Our scholars enjoy a large gated play yard so that we can follow the shade in the summer and follow the sun in the winter:

  • The circular driveway is perfect for an eternal loop of walking scholars and various riding vehicles.
  • The center of the driveway sports a large expansive lawn, perfect for tumbling, rolling, frolicking, running, and playing soccer.
  • Under the big shady redwood trees, we have a sand box, a small slide structure, a handyman station, and a swing set — complete with an infant swing.
  • We have a large fort structure with a twisty slide and underneath is a little walled in playhouse, complete with a pretend kitchen and all the appliances, food and home items to successfully “play house.”
  • There is an oversized chess set where imagination and strategy can be fostered
  • We have a water table area that includes lots of ways to cool off in the summer with appropriate water toys.
  • There is a small yard protected by a picket fence that houses our chickens and the children are free to peek through at any time to check them out watch them scratch and peck about their space.