Our Philosophy

logoThere is no doubt that children learn from one another. This type of learning happens naturally in a family environment and is fundamental to learning. At Itsy Bitsy Scholars, we strive to mimic this optimum learning experience by combining children of different ages within the same stimulating environment.

Here’s How It Works:

The older children participate in our Preschool Program fully, while the younger children learn to model their behavior, reaching for the desired outcome of each activity.

Most preschools separate children by age regardless of their ability. This can and often does create a sense of failure for children when a task is too difficult. When ages are combined, the level of success is naturally staggered and there is no feeling of failure. Instead, the drive to complete the task prevails.

This method also promotes helpfulness, sharing and kindness in our older students.  Older children learn to get along with the little ones. And younger children are both challenged and inspired. It is a win/win situation for everyone.

Our Preschool Mission
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